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ICT services

ICT - "Information Communications Technology". An ICT Solution is one that is put together after listening to client requirements, and which makes effective use of ICT.
Inter-Solutio d.o.o. have been offering ICT services with big experience in:

Software Applications/business intelligence

Key business applications software segments including ERP, CRM, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and project portfolio management.

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ICT Services

The implementation of intelligent information systems to support business decision-making process is our primary activity. According to the needs and expectations of our clients, we will provide either turnkey solutions or work together with our clients experts on implementation projects.


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Implementation of systems for decision support is our main area of ​​activity, within which we realize:

  1. Analysis of the current situation
  2. Defining the need for reporting
  3. The design of data warehouse
  4. Design and implementation of procedures for filling a data warehouse (ETL)
  5. Implementation of procedures that are necessary to ensure high quality data and information
  6. Implementation of Planning and Budgeting
  7. Implementation of a balanced scorecard
  8. Implementation of interfaces and implementation support for intelligent information
  9. Decision Support Systems
  10. Management reporting and metadata
  11. The development report
  12. Customizing software and support
  13. System administration and support client

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