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IT konzalting

Our staff have only ever been in the IT industry, it's what we know, it's what we do!
You can expect clear, honest unbiased advice from any of our specially trained IT Consultants. One of the key things we do at the outset is define a clear goal, and the path to it.

With years of experience and no ties to any one manufacturer or solution provider, Inter Solutio can help develop a network solution for your business that can help your network and communications run with greater flexibility, less headaches, and at a lower cost.


You want a solution, not a pile of boxes

You know the situation. Your business has a particular problem, and you suspect that technology can provide the answer, but you're not sure how. Worse, you're not sure who to turn to to get the answer.
If the above is familiar, you are probably among the thousands of businesses who could benefit from Inter Solutio's class-leading IT Consultancy Services. The solution may be very simple or very sophisticated, from basic IT Support to a full Network overhaul involving server replacement and Network redesign.


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Begin solving your IT and ICT problems today.

Consultancy is Expensive, Right? Wrong.

Inter Solutio Technology doesn't believe in charging the earth for an intangible service. In point of fact, the initial meeting is completely FREE! Contrast this with the alternative, which could be your business performing less efficiently forevermore, just for the sake of not getting the right help when you needed it most

No matter your industry or sector, we can help!

Having worked within most market sectors and for a huge variety of company sizes, Inter Solutio are very experienced in offering solutions for almost every business ICT problem.and project.


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You can rely on us to be your choice for the "high-tech" IT support.