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Project (operation) name

„Inter Solutio - Improving competitiveness and efficiency through ICT“

operation code KK.

Short project (operation) description

The project contributes to increasing the competitiveness and efficiency of the company, improving development and technological readiness against the competition. It contributes to increasing innovation and business efficiency; better and faster decision-making, improved sales, better human resource management and improved communication among employees, customers and suppliers.
This affects the increase in the volume of work in the domestic and foreign markets, which encourages the growth of income, profits and the number of employees. The project improves 10 business processes, integrates business functions and achieves more efficient work organization. The total value of the project is 1,663,000.00 kn + VAT. Project activities contribute to the stated goals. The estimated duration of the project is 5 months.
Goals and expected project (operation) results
Inter Solutio d.o.o. is a company established in 2009 with primary goal of creating optimal information systems and solutions that will improve business processes with the mission to offer the domestic and foreign markets the implementation of foreign complex business IT solutions through integrated processes that connect people and technology.
The long-term goals of the Applicant are related to stable business areas with a high degree of added value and a specific, recognizable portfolio of services and products that include the provision of consulting and development services for solutions of world-renowned software manufacturers whose solutions are used in implementation. In order for a company to achieve its goals, it must strive for business excellence, which means improving the management system and introducing new modern ICT solutions, which are listed in this project.
The main reason for the introduction of new ICT solutions are serious existing difficulties in the company workflow and problems in monitoring and conducting business activities. This project aims to improve and standardize business processes, and consequently raise the quality of our service, which will lead to further development and growth of our company, increase revenue, savings and new employment.
Current difficulties in the company workflow are: lack of IT tools for marketing management, lack of IT tools for managing sales activities, lack of tools for project management, lack of adequate advanced tools for monitoring account management, lack of electronic document management system (eOffice); lack of a customer support monitoring system (ServiceDesk); lack of contract monitoring and management system; lack of a personal data protection management system; lack of an asset management and maintenance system; the absence of an advanced system for improving communication with customers, suppliers and partners, and the lack of a contact center for support.
All the above difficulties in the current business are planned to be eliminated by the acquisition of licenses, and the implementation and education of the following systems:
1. Sales management system
2. Project management system
3. Account management and account verification system
4. Electronic document management system (eOffice)
5. Marketing management system
6. Customer Support System (Service Desk)
7. Contract monitoring and management system
8. Personal data protection management system
9. Asset management and maintenance system
10. Client communication system (contact center)
The implementation of the project will contribute to increasing sales, hiring new employees, expanding into international markets, improving communication with customers, suppliers and partners, and improving the organization of work, competitiveness and efficiency of the company.

Total operation value and Union co-financing amount (in HRK)

• Total operation value is 1.663.000,00 HRK
• Total eligible expenditure allocated to the operation is 1.663.000,00 HRK
• Union co-financing amount is 898.020,00 HRK

Operation implementation period

07.01.2020. - 07.06.2020.




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